Internship Program FAQ

Below are answers to questions frequently asked by applicants interested in the Al Qasimi Foundation's Internship Program:

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Internship Program?

    The Internship Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at an accredited university who are pursuing education, public policy, or closely related degrees (such as public health, urban planning, economic development, or environmental policy). Graduates who have completed such programs within the last two years will also be considered.

  • What is the duration of the Internships, and what expenses do they cover?
    The potential length of an internship will vary based on each applicant’s interests and the relevant projects underway at the Al Qasimi Foundation. Generally, internships will range from several weeks to a maximum of three months. During the internship, the Al Qasimi Foundation will provide accommodation and a small stipend to cover living expenses. Plane tickets and other costs are the responsibility of the intern.
  • What are the Al Qasimi Foundation’s expectations of Interns?
    Students who secure an internship are expected to abide by the Al Qasimi Foundation’s employment policies and act in a professional manner. This includes arriving on-time to the office and working the full day, adhering to the dress code, and contributing to a respectful office culture. Interns are also expected to be collaborative colleagues who demonstrate openness to learning and willingness to share their knowledge and experiences.
    In addition, interns are expected to produce at least one policy brief or creative work (depending on the nature of the internship) that will be published on the Al Qasimi Foundation website. Interns may also be asked to provide interviews to local media channels regarding their experience as part of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s broader communication efforts.
  • What types of activities might an Internship involve?
    Interns can expect to engage with Al Qasimi Foundation staff and local stakeholders on a range of projects during their experience. Effort is made to ensure interns are exposed to different aspects of the organization and that assigned projects provide hands-on, meaningful opportunities to contribute to the Foundation’s work and impact in the community. Internship activities may include literature reviews, field work, quantitative/qualitative data gathering and analysis, multimedia projects, and other administrative responsibilities.
  • What can Interns expect to gain from their experience at the Al Qasimi Foundation?
    The Internship Program is ideal for students planning to attend graduate school or seeking to apply their studies through practical research. Interns will gain experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research--from fieldwork through data analysis. They will also have opportunities to improve their academic writing. In addition, the Al Qasimi Foundation provides a supportive and respectful learning environment for interns to gain professional experience and work with a diverse, multilingual, international staff.
  • Can applicants apply for an Internship if they do not meet the minimum TOEFL score of 600 or IELTS score of 6.5?
    Unfortunately, no. English is the Al Qasimi Foundation’s primary language for conducting daily business and publishing its research studies. It is important for interns to have strong English language skills as they are expected to produce several scholarly papers and make formal presentations. Therefore, applicants will not be considered eligible unless they meet the minimum scores.
  • Do applicants need to know Arabic in order to be eligible for the Internship Program?
    Arabic language skills are an advantage but not required for eligibility purposes. Similarly, prior knowledge or experience in the United Arab Emirates or Arabian Gulf region is also an asset. As appropriate, applicants are encouraged to highlight such relevant language skills and experiences in their cover letters.
  • Is the online application form the only way to apply for the Internship Program?
    Yes, only applications submitted through the Al Qasimi Foundation website using the online form will be reviewed and considered for internship openings. After submitting materials online, an applicant may contact the Program Manager for Outreach to verify whether his/her application was successfully received.

    Please note: Students are strongly encouraged to visit their university career centers for resources on writing professional resumes, CV's, cover letters, and personal statements.
  • What criteria does the selection committee use to identify Interns?
    Interns are selected based on merit as measured by (1) academic achievement; (2) quality and professionalism of application materials; and (3) how well applicants’ interests align with current Foundation projects. Students’ personal statements outlining prior experiences, coursework, and skills relevant to the internship are seriously considered. Similarly, the Al Qasimi Foundation is interested to know what students hope to gain through the internship and how it will help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Preference will be given to students planning graduate studies or wanting to gain research experience in education, public policy, or closely related disciplines. The Al Qasimi Foundation Program Managers and Directors serve as the evaluation and selection committee.
  • How many Internships does the Al Qasimi Foundation offer each year?
    The Internship Program is very competitive, and while the Al Qasimi Foundation receives many excellent and high-quality applications, only two to three interns are selected each year.
  • How long after submitting and internship application will results be announced?

    Internship applications undergo a preliminary review upon submission to ensure they meet minimum eligibility criteria. Those that meet or exceed the criteria are compiled until the application deadline, at which point they are forwarded to the selection committee for collective review. 

    Based on the application form and supporting documents, the selection committee will recommend candidates for interviews. Accordingly, these individuals will be notified and invited to schedule a phone or Skype interview. Final internship decisions will only be communicated to all applicants after the interview process is complete. As a result, applicants should not expect news on the success of their internship applications until four to six weeks after the relevant deadline has passed. Deadlines for the current application cycles:

    • Internships beginning Winter 2015/Spring 2016: October 15, 2015
    • Internships beginning Summer 2016/Fall 2016: March 1, 2016
    • Internships beginning Winter 2016/Spring 2017: October 15, 2016
  • What happens to applications that are not selected for an Internship?
    The Al Qasimi Foundation keeps all applications that meet minimum eligibility criteria on file for a year. Should new internship positions arise within 12 months, the Al Qasimi Foundation will contact those applicants whose qualifications best align with available openings. Students may also re-apply for an internship in the future should they continue to have interest in contributing to the work and mission of the Al Qasimi Foundation.
  • When can students begin their Internships in Ras Al Khaimah?

    Internship scheduling is flexible, and exact dates will be mutually agreed upon by the interns and Al Qasimi Foundation. Although dependent on the time required to make travel arrangements, process visas, and complete necessary paperwork, students can typically begin their internship experience within four to six weeks of accepting the opportunity.

For additional questions regarding the Internship Program not addressed above, please contact the Al Qasimi Foundation at