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Academic Teacher and Scholarship Application Form

Please Note: 

Scholarship applications for Master's degree programs: While information on the Al Qasimi Foundation’s Academic Teacher Scholarships is provided in Arabic for accessibility purposes, due to the English requirements of most Master's degree programs all application materials for Master's programs should be submitted in English. This includes the online form and applicant’s cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV). The transcripts, letters of recommendation, and budget information may be submitted in Arabic if this is the institution’s official language of business or colleague’s primary language.

Scholarship applications for short-term courses: An Arabic version of this application form is available by contacting Supporting materials for scholarship applications to short-term courses (cover letter, CV, budget, etc.) may also be submitted in Arabic.

Date of Birth

Country of Passport issue
Describe previous engagement with the Foundation (e.g professional development courses)
How did you learn about the Teacher Scholarships offered by the Al Qasimi Foundation?

Number of years working in RAK's education system
School name
Professional role
Other Professional role
Subjects taught or supervised
Other subjects taught or supervised
Main school phase you work in
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Scholarship Type
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Degree name or short course title
Name of university or institution offering the degree or course
If you have not yet applied (or been admitted) to your chosen program, please provide details on your current status and plans for gaining admission:
Anticipated date of enrollment
Anticipated date of completion
TOTAL tuition/fees or program costs

Personal Statement (cover letter)
CV Upload
Official academic transcripts (current program and all completed degrees)
Program or short-course acceptance letter
Documentation for total degree or program costs
Recommendation letter (#1)
Recommendation letter (#2)
Official TOEFL or IELTS score report (for applicants where English is a secondary language)

I declare that the information provided on this application form and in the attached documents is true, correct, and represents my own work. Further, I declare that I have no prior record of criminal convictions held in my home country or other countries, and have no criminal charge(s) still pending before court. I understand that canvassing or giving false information will disqualify my application. In addition, I also confirm that if information contained in the application is found to be false or incorrect, the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw any grant awarded or position offered and will seek reimbursement for all expenses incurred.If you agree with the declaration above, please type your name below and hit Submit