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Saudi Deportations Gain Momentum

Simeon Kerr, Abeer Allam, and Javier Blas, Financial Times
December 06, 2013

Summary of The Financial Times article:

With one in four Saudi men unemployed, the nation is making new efforts to expel up to 2 million of its immigrants from Yemen, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and other countries that have traditionally been its sources of menial labor.

According to Steffen Hertog of the London School of Economics, the Arab Spring has forced Saudi's nationalization policy to focus on creating jobs for its citizens in the private sector, and the deportation of workers from abroad is part of this effort.

While some see this move as a radical step toward improving Saudi's labor market, others doubt that the expulsion of low-wage earners will entice Saudi men to take their places.

The Al Qasimi Foundation's Executive Director, Dr. Natasha Ridge, was asked to weigh in on Saudi's decision to reduce its supply of foreign labor so decisively, and she provides insight into the relationship between nationalization programs like Saudi Arabia's and education reform in the Gulf region.

The complete article includes direct quotes from Dr. Ridge, Executive Director of the Al Qasimi Foundation. Please visit The Financial Times website to read the full article.