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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Education

August 17, 2015

DubaiEye wants to talk about education today and in the future and asked the Dr. Natasha Ridge to explore some of the educational trends she observes as a researcher and Executive Director of the Al Qasimi Foundation. According to Dr. Ridge, relevant developments in education include the decrease in male participation in higher education and its impact on the economy; the growing necessity of soft skills and emotional intelligence across professions; the role that technology does and should play in education; and the importance of incorporating art and design into educational systems that may have de-emphasized the arts in the past (this new perspective is championed by the STEAM movement, which stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math). Dr. Ridge also lauds the potential that the United Arab Emirate's diversity and openness have for its educational landscape and future. 

To listen to the full discussion, click here.