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RAK Adds Value to its History

Myriam Kruisheer Ortega, El Correo del Golfo
May 24, 2016

Al Qasimi Foundation visiting scholar Matthew MacLean presented his research on important historical sites in Ras Al Khaimah and how they can be integrated into present-day life to retain the unique character of the emirate.

To conduct his research, Mr. MacLean visited different sites, read documents from historical archives, and conducted interviews. During his presentation he showed how historical knowledge and stories could become self-guided tours around the city, educating residents and visitors alike.

Mr. MacLean identified Al Jazeera-Al Hamra, Old Town, souks (Kuwaiti Street, Nakheel, Maaridh), Digdagga/Fahlain, and the Hamraniya farm as sites with significant potential for cultural tourism.

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