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Ras Al Khaimah | Fine Arts Festival | Film Night | United Arab Emirates

RAK Fine Arts Festival: Film Night

Denisa Alexe, American University of Ras Al Khaimah
April 01, 2015

On the second night of the festival, the film night, the guests enjoyed a variety of documentaries created and directed by young, talented people from many different countries. The event took place at Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce on Friday, February 20th.

The night began with the red carpet opening. In addition to organizers and artists, the event also had other important guests attending: Indian actress[es] Poornima Indrajith and Priyanka Mohan, Emirati actor Mansoor Al Feeli, fashion model Benedictine Gammelgaard, and many other talented stars. After the opening speech, the first film the audience viewed was a short "behind the scenes" documentary showing the stages of planning and organizing the spectacular event. The rest of the documentaries were all made to each send a different and meaningful message. Directors from different countries came together and formed a unique representation of film art.

Films ranged from 1 to 15 minutes, and each used different techniques in expressing their ideas. Colorless, a 7 minute short film directed by Shahad Al Shehhi from the UAE, left the audience impressed with the way the colors in the film matched the message that was sent, as well as the intensity and emotion that w[ere] expressed through the short film.

Other unique and touching films such as Life, by Ali Al Ghanim (Saudi Arabia) or Sled by Yassine El Idrissi (Morocco), transmitted emotional messages, portraying the lives of poor children. Stay Away by Jamal Al Ghalian (Bahrain) and Hand Art by Fatima Taher (UAE) had a more humorous side to which the audience responded with laughter and applause. 

I asked the beautiful fashion model Benedictine Gammelgaard about her opinion regarding the event, and she said, "The event was great, and I enjoyed all of the documentaries."

Although the night was dedicated to film screening, all the other artists that took part in the festival were there, as the award ceremony was held after the show. Later, the guests had the chance to discuss the event during the reception, which was beautifully decorated in an elegant and sophisticated manner. When asked about their overall impression of the event, the guests all replied with positive comments. 

One of the event's hosts, Jessica Andrews, told us us that the event was very close to her heart as it brought Ras Al Khaimah's community closer together. 

Event organizer Gretchen Flores said she was very satisfied with the outcome, as the team has been preparing for this event for about two months. She also mentioned that this wouldn’t have been possible without the Al Qasimi Foundation's great work and organization. 

Among the many talented artists, we also met with Emirati designer Shaikha Al Ahmed, who designed the outfits for the hosts and organizers. Overall the film night turned out to be a chic and elegant event [that] put Ras Al Khaimah [in] a bright spotlight.