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  • Senior Research Fellow

    Marvin Erfurth

    Marvin joined the Foundation as a Senior Research Fellow and the Head of the Research Department. He has a background in research, secondary and higher education, and consultancy. Previously, he was a Research Associate at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster’s Institute of Education in Germany, as well as a Visiting Scholar at University of Oslo’s Department of Education, Norway, and at the Foundation. Marvin is currently working on his PhD in comparative and international education, focusing on education policy and the economics of education. His work explores the two states' economic and social development in which higher education and research have become central in recent years, in particular in Singapore. Before pursuing his PhD, Marvin studied Political Science and Economics, Music(ology), and Education Science (Teaching Profession) at the University of Kassel, Germany.

  • Research Associate

    David Dingus

    David serves as a Research Associate at the Al Qasimi Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Chair of Development Economics during his studies at the University of Goettingen. During this time, he also worked on a TVET project based in Shanghai with the German Development Organization (GIZ) and as a field researcher in rural India with the Centre for Modern India Studies. David's research experience and interests include education and public health and how we can use research in these areas to develop evidenced-based policies to foster sustainable development. David completed his dual bachelor's degrees in Economics and German at Texas A&M University, United States of America. He later completed a master's degree in Development Economics at the Georgia-Augusta University of Goettingen in Germany. David has also taught English as a second language in South Korea and Saudi Arabia and has worked as an ECE teaching assistant in the United States. 

  • Research Assistant

    Max Eckert

    Max joined the Al Qasimi Foundation as a Research Assistant. In his role, Max supports the research projects of the Foundation with data collection and analysis. He also prepares reports, publications, and presentations for regional and international conferences and oversees the organization of the biannual conference of the Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES). Max previously interned with the Research and Evaluation team at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and conducted fieldwork with refugees at vocational school in Germany. He holds a Social Research and Public Policy BA from New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. During his undergraduate studies, Max spent semesters in Washington, D.C. and Accra, Ghana, forming his interest in education at the intersection with migration, socioeconomics, and policy evaluation.

  • Non-resident Researcher

    Elizabeth Bruce

    Elizabeth holds the position of Non-Resident Researcher at the Al Qasimi Foundation. Currently, she is providing background research support for a research project exploring global trends in boys educational attainment and retention. Her research interests center on sub-Saharan Africa, specifically focusing on the areas of health research partnerships and academic publishing. Elizabeth has also been involved with work related to the migration and resettlement of Syrian refugees in Europe and is part of collaborative work examining the scientization of mass education worldwide. She holds a Textile Chemistry BS with Honors from Clemson University in South Carolina. Currently, Elizabeth is pursuing an MEd in Globalization and Educational Change at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

  • Non-Resident Researcher

    Natasha Mansur

    Natasha is the Managing Editor for the Gulf Social Policy and Education Review and a Non-Resident Researcher with the Al Qasimi Foundation. Previously, she has analyzed child protection concerns, including child labor, with UNICEF in New York City, New York and in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Natasha’s research interests include ethnographic fieldwork for policy impact, quality education for marginalized children, and child labor. She holds an International Education Development MA from Columbia University, New York and an English Literature MA from City University of New York, Hunter College. Natasha is currently pursuing her PhD in dual-title degree, Education Theory and Policy and Comparative and International Education from Pennsylvania State University.