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The 30%: Who are the Males in Higher Education in the UAE?

Natasha Ridge, Samar Farah
April 10, 2012

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other surrounding Gulf Arab nations, an increasing number of males are opting out of higher education. In the UAE, fewer than 30% of students attending public higher education institutions are male. Little, however, is known about why some males choose to continue their education and others do not. This policy paper, which is drawn from the first part of a study on understanding male enrollment patterns in the UAE, looks at a sample of males who have continued on to higher education. The paper begins with an overview of higher education in the UAE. It then looks at the factors influencing the participation and persistence of males in general. Next it outlines the study from which the data presented was taken, taking a closer look at the characteristics of males who have continued to higher education, including the roles of parents, schools, and friends. Finally, the paper concludes by discussing the challenges facing males who choose to continue their education and how these might be addressed in the future.

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