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  • 2013 Annual Report | Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi | Foundation | Policy Research

    Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research 2013 Annual Report

    Al Qasimi Foundation
    March 25, 2014

    2013 has been a season of progress and innovation at the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research, and the team is delighted to be issuing the Foundation's second annual report. This year, the Al Qasimi Foundation has conducted and collaborated on research across the United Arab Emirates, published multiple working papers, and increased its capacity development and community engagement offerings.

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  • Emirati | United Arab Emirates | Emiratization | UAE | Al Qasimi Foundation | Private Sector

    Reshaping Attitudes, Beliefs, and Opinions: The Key to Emiratization in the Private Sector

    Georgia Daleure, Rozz Albon, Khaleel Hinkston
    January 27, 2014

    The fastest growing economy in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a private sector capable of creating tens of thousands of new jobs every year. Yet, many Emiratis prefer to remain unemployed rather than work in the private sector, contributing to an unemployment rate of nearly 12%. This paper uses the findings of a recent study on family involvement in Emirati college student education to show how families contribute to the development of the attitudes, beliefs, and opinions of young people, some of which prove counter-productive in the workplace.

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  • Educational Achievement | Emiratis | Al Qasimi Foundation | Research

    Home Environment, Family Involvement, and Emirati College Student Academic Achievement

    Georgia Daleure, Rozz Albon, Khaleel Hinkston, Tarifa Ajaif, John McKeown
    December 15, 2013

    In educational literature set in Western contexts, student performance is linked to positive family involvement and home environment; however, literature on the educational experience of college students in non-Western contexts, including the Gulf region, is scarce. Using both student and guardian surveys, this quantitative study investigates the effect of home environment and family involvement on the educational experience of students in a federally funded college in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as links between these factors and students’ academic achievement.

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  • Gulf Comparative Education Society | GCES | GCC | Education | Researcj

    Gulf Comparative Education Society’s Fourth Annual Symposium on Bridging the Policy/Research Divide in Education in the GCC

    Multiple Authors
    November 12, 2013

    The Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES) held its fourth annual symposium under the sponsorship of the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research in collaboration with the Sultan Qaboos University from March 16 to 18, 2013. Entitled “Bridging the Policy/Research Divide in Education in the GCC,” the symposium was held at the Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman.

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  • Higher Education | United Arab Emirates | UAE | Al Qasimi Foundation | Research

    Academic Staff in the UAE: Unsettled Journey

    David Chapman, Ann Austin, Samar Farah, Elisabeth Wilson, Natasha Ridge
    August 20, 2013

    This study investigated how instructors in United Arab Emirates higher education institutions view their professional employment, the extent of their identification and engagement with their institutions, and how their views are shaped by the national and institutional contexts in which they work. Article available through: Higher Education Policy advance online publication, 20 August 2013; doi:10.1057/hep.2013.19

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  • Knowledge Economy | Skills formation | GCC | United Arab Emirates | Research | Al Qasimi Foundation

    A Conceptual Model of National Skills Formation for Knowledge-Based Economic Development in the Arab World

    Wes Schwalje
    July 31, 2013

    The movement of many Arab countries toward knowledge-based economic development requires the transition to more effective skills formation systems. This paper proposes an institutionalist approach to national skills development systems in the advancement toward knowledge-based economic development.

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  • Urban Regeneration | Ras Al Khaimah | United Arab Emirates | Old Town | Sustainable | Al Qasimi Foundation

    Urban Regeneration Case Study of the Old Town of Ras Al Khaimah

    Sara Seif
    April 24, 2013

    As with many historical sites in the Gulf region, the urban regeneration of the Old Town district of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a challenge in maintaining the balance between preservation and refurbishment. This policy paper aims to highlight and convey the significance of the Old Town District as a historical and cultural site to policymakers in the emirate.

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  • High school | Secondary school | Dropout | Gender | United Arab Emirates | Al Qasimi Foundation

    Patterns and Perceptions in Male Secondary School Dropouts in the United Arab Emirates

    Natasha Ridge, Samar Farah, Soha Shami
    February 01, 2013

    The impact of socioeconomic status, family, and school experiences on the school continuation decision has been well-documented in Western literature. To date, however, no empirical studies have been conducted on the Gulf region. Using a sample of 149 dropouts and 347 non-dropouts, this study is the first to apply a mixed-methods comparative design to explore the patterns and trends in male dropout rates across government schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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  • Annual Report | 2012 | Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi | Foundation | Policy Research

    Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research 2012 Annual Report

    Al Qasimi Foundation
    January 31, 2013

    The Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research was established in 2009 to aid in the social, cultural, and economic development of Ras Al Khaimah, a northern emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This report details the Foundation's activities and accomplishments during the 2012 calendar year. It also provides information on anticipated activities and initiatives in 2013.

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  • Higher Education | Emirati Experience | United Arab Emirates | Culture | UAE | Al Qasimi Foundation

    Cultural Border Crossings in the UAE

    Peter Hatherley-Greene
    December 13, 2012

    Over the course of one academic year, the author documented the experiences of first-year male Emirati students at a college of higher education in a rural location of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Using the metaphor of a cultural border crossing, he found that the congruency between the pre-dominantly Arabic life-world associated with Emirati families and government schooling and the largely dominant Western/English language culture in institutes of higher education was broadly related to the students’ self-perceived level of preparedness for academic study and the competence of Emirati students in their second language, English. Four types of border crossing experiences were described—smooth, managed, difficult, and impossible—with easier and smoother crossing experiences associated with close congruency between the two different cultures.

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