Capacity Development Overview

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Capacity Development Overview

Building the capacity of Ras Al Khaimah and broader United Arab Emirates (UAE) community is one of the main tenets outlined in the Al Qasimi Foundation’s mission. This is primarily addressed by seeking to develop locally-based talent and supporting institutional improvements in the public sector. Although the Al Qasimi Foundation places particular emphasis on capacity development issues within education, its programs and initiatives also seek to serve other government sectors as appropriate.

The Al Qasimi Foundation's Capacity Development Plan outlines four primary areas that serve to guide its capacity building initiatives. Additionally, the Capacity Development Plan provides an overview of the various programs and activities currently underway in each of the respective areas:

  • Improvement of teacher quality
  • Promotion of school development
  • Development of gifted and talented students
  • Targeted skills development of the Ras Al Khaimah civil service

Embedded in the Al Qasimi Foundation’s capacity building approach is a commitment to listening and consultation—needs are identified through conversations with practitioners and policymakers to ensure the resulting programs are both strategic and relevant. Additionally, initiatives that are undertaken seek to increase Ras Al Khaimah’s ability to achieve its long-term goals. This is done by working in partnership with local institutions, helping to break down inter-organizational barriers, and encouraging a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

To achieve its capacity development mission and advance the effectiveness of Ras Al Khaimah’s public sector, the Al Qasimi Foundation offers a number of strategic professional development opportunities for individuals and government entities:

  • Scholarships for education professionals to pursue further studies
  • Professional development workshops and exchange opportunities for educators and government officials
  • Grants to support improvement projects in Ras Al Khaimah schools
  • Student development programs and courses that prepare Emirati youth from Ras Al Khaimah for competitive university study overseas or in the UAE

Underpinning all of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s capacity development efforts is a commitment to fostering local ownership of the programs and services provided. Whether developing locally-based talent or supporting institutional improvements, the Al Qasimi Foundation’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the Ras Al Khaimah community and to further its ability to be self-sustaining.