Community Engagement

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Community Engagement Overview

Supporting people, nurturing collaboration, and advancing a spirit of community are at the heart of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s mission and values. Accordingly, community engagement plays a central role in the Foundation’s work. It represents a purposeful exchange and leveraging of knowledge, resources, and partnerships to the mutual benefit of those involved and the local public sector. The Foundation not only views engagement as a social responsibility, but also as a tool for improving the value, relevance, and effectiveness of its own work.

The Al Qasimi Foundation's Community Engagement Plan articulates the core values and framework that underpin the Foundation’s communication, outreach, and broader engagement efforts. It also identifies the Foundation’s short- and long-term goals related to building community, sharing information, and cultivating collaboration and partnerships to the benefit of Ras Al Khaimah and the broader United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Al Qasimi Foundation’s engagement mission encompasses:

Underpinning all of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s community engagement efforts is a commitment to inclusiveness, open source (public) information, and transparent communication.