Research Overview

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Research Overview

A key part of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s mission is to conduct and promote high-quality research that will help inform policymakers in Ras Al Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and broader Gulf region. To this end, the Foundation seeks to build a community of international and locally-based scholars whose research interests focus on policy issues relevant to Ras Al Khaimah and the UAE and to promote collaboration among highly recognized international universities and the UAE's public sector. In addition, the Al Qasimi Foundation is committed to connecting policymakers with researchers in order to promote evidence-based decision making. As a result, most research undertaken by the Al Qasimi Foundation is applied in nature.

The Al Qasimi Foundation's Research Plan articulates three priority areas that serve as the primary guide for all research activities sponsored or directly undertaken by the Foundation through 2017:

  • Education Quality and Impact
  • Community Development
  • Health and Well-Being

In addition, the Research Plan outlines the Foundation’s current and past initiatives associated with each research priority as well as relevant opportunities for future inquiry. Although these three areas form the central focus of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s research activities, the organization still values and provides for research that may fall beyond their scope. In such instances, the research must demonstrate clear relevance to policy issues and concerns facing the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and broader UAE.

In order to fulfill its research mission and further its research agenda, the Al Qasimi Foundation provides a variety of competitive grant opportunities and sponsorships that are available to both locally-based and international collaborators:

Underpinning all of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s research efforts is a commitment to both excellence and integrity.

For more information about the Foundation's research goals, please see the Al Qasimi Foundation Research Strategies and Priorities 2013-2018.