School Grants

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School Grants

The Al Qasimi Foundation's School Grants provide modest funding (maximum 10,000 AED) for individual schools to undertake special projects or pilot new initiatives that seek to improve the school environment, enhance student learning, and foster an overall positive student experience. Applications may be submitted by individuals working in Ras Al Khaimah government schools or the Ras Al Khaimah Ministry of Education. While grant projects should be approached as a team, one project leader must be identified as the main contact for communications with the Foundation.

Grant Objectives

  • Contribute to the overall development of the educational sector in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Provide opportunities for schools to conduct applied research, pilot initiatives, or enhance school resources that will have a positive impact on students and their learning
  • Encourage collaboration among school leaders, teachers, and students and build a sense of community within individual schools
  • Support schools in developing their internal capacity to generate creative solutions to their identified challenges and needs

Grant Eligibility

To be eligible for a School Grant, applicants should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Proposed project must benefit the students and teachers in a Ras Al Khaimah government school.
  • Project leader has a minimum of three years of teaching experience and has been in the proposed project's school for at least one academic year.
  • Team members bring diverse perspectives and talents to the project, and, when appropriate, they include students, teachers, and school leaders.
  • Proposed project responds to a need collectively identified by students, teachers, and school leaders.
  • Proposal demonstrates a clear idea of how the School Grant will improve the school environment, enhance student learning, and foster an overall positive student experience.

Selection Criteria

If applicants meet the minimum eligibility criteria noted above, they are encouraged to apply for a School Grant. The Grant is awarded based on merit as measured by a proposal’s relevance and overall strength. General sustainability and potential for impact are also considered in the evaluation process. Preference will be given to projects conducted by teams whose members have participated in the Foundation's professional development courses, in particular, the 21st Century Research Program. The Al Qasimi Foundation Program Managers and Directors serve as the evaluation and selection committee.

The selection and review process for School Grants is competitive, as the Al Qasimi Foundation often receives more applications than it can support. Generally, the Al Qasimi Foundation seeks to award four to six School Grants each year, depending on the costs associated with the selected projects.

Application Process

To apply, interested schools should print or electronically complete all sections of the School Grant Application Form:

  • School Grant Application Form 

    Usually the project leader is the person responsible for completing the application, and he/she should provide as much detail as possible in his/her answers. If additional space is required, please clearly label the information and include it on a separate page attached to the form. The completed application form and all required documents should be submitted together in an envelope to the Al Qasimi Foundation on or before the stated deadline.

Application Deadlines

School Grant applications undergo a preliminary review upon submission to ensure they meet minimum eligibility criteria. Those that meet or exceed the criteria are compiled until the appropriate application deadline, at which point they are forwarded to the selection committee for collective review. The Al Qasimi Foundation reviews School Grant applications on rolling basis. However, priority deadline based on the deadlines below.

  • Projects beginning spring term: October 25th, 2019
  • Projects beginning fall term: June 30, 2020

Award Conditions

School Grant recipients are expected to keep the Foundation appraised of any changes to the timeline, budget items, or project team members during implementation. If a grant is not used for the purposes outlined in the original proposal, the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the award and seek reimbursement for all expenses incurred. School Grant recipients are expected to submit a final report to the Foundation on the outcomes of their projects. In addition, they will also be asked to identify an appropriate way to share their project with other schools and educators in Ras Al Khaimah.