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Public Policy Majlis: Contemporary Higher Education Reform Efforts in Ras Al Khaimah, the UAE, and Singapore

There is no simple way to understand today’s global economy. Nonetheless, current research increasingly suggests using the concept of hubs and flows for understanding it as a complex network with a few central nodes. Geographic regions now compete over connectivity for securing competitive advantages, and education reform is increasingly viewed as a critical tool for moving ahead of the competition and addressing looming future changes in industrial economies and production models. The United Arab Emirates, along with other regions like Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, are employing one specific type of education reform strategy focused on creating International Education Hubs. However, few studies have addressed the education and policymaking implications of such hubs. ​

This research majlis will give insight into the different ways the UAE and Singapore try to create International Education Hubs in higher education. Through relevant background context, concepts, theories, and select findings, the presentation will address some key policymaking, governance, economic, and education implications associated with International Education Hubs. It will also offer recommendations to inform future development of education systems to help address and manage risks and challenges associated with International Education Hubs. 

Marvin Erfurth is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Al Qasimi Foundation and at the University of Oslo, Norway, as well as a Doctoral Candidate and Research Associate at University of Muenster, Germany. He has a professional background in secondary and higher education, research, and consultancy.

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Location: Al Qasimi Foundation, RAK Gas Building (Level 3), Al Jazah Road, Next to Hilton Garden Inn Ras Al Khaimah (Lat: 25.796191, Lon: 55.966595)

Start Date End Date Time
March 17, 2019March 17, 20195:00PM-7:00PM