Community Grants


    Community Grants

    The Al Qasimi Foundation believes in a people-centered approach to equipping the community to find creative, collaborative approaches that aid in the social, cultural, and economic development of Ras Al Khaimah. The Foundation also embraces the UAE’s vision for nurturing healthy, safe, and vibrant communities.
    Based on these principles, the Foundation established its Community Impact Grants to support and inspire local organizations and people through social innovation in order to develop or enhance local projects that will improve the quality of life for the community and emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The grants seek to highlight the positive impact and measurable results individuals and organizations can make based on their intimate knowledge of the local community.

    Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) sits at the heart of the Foundation’s Community Impact Grants initiative. ABCD is a community-led approach originally developed by John McKnight and John Kretzmann. It focuses on the strengths, assets, or resources of a particular community as the key ingredients to fashioning a positive vision for the future rather than on the community’s needs, problems and weaknesses (Kretzmann, 2010; Kretzmann & McKnight, 1993; Mathie & Cunningham, 2003). An ABCD approach facilitates local, sustainable development through active community engagement.


    To support the growth and development of projects that offer more effective ways of serving people in the Ras Al Khaimah community, meet emerging community needs, and/or strengthen cornerstone organizations so they can deliver more fully on their missions.

    Grant Objectives

    • Contribute to the overall development of Ras Al Khaimah
    • Foster community involvement and participation
    • Build community capacity and empower the community to take an active role in improving their quality of life
    • Encourage collaboration among organizations and residents and build a stronger sense of community
    • Provide opportunities for government, semi-government, and social sector organizations (as well as passionate residents) to conduct applied research, pilot initiatives, or enhance community resources to create positive benefits and change for the Ras Al Khaimah community

    Community Impact Grants Structure

    Community Impact Grant awards can be used for programming, infrastructure, or capacity development initiatives. There are four levels of funding available depending on the applicant(s) involved and nature of the proposed project or initiative:

    • Individuals (up to 5,000 AED) – grants for individuals who have lived in Ras Al Khaimah for a minimum of two years to pilot projects, host events, or conduct other community-based activities.
    • Organizations (up to 10,000 AED) – grants for a single organization to pilot projects, initiatives, or programs that will enhance its ability to deliver on its mission and benefit key stakeholders.
    • Collaborations (up to 25,000 AED) – grants for two or more organizations to work together on a new shared project or initiative that will strengthen their working relationships and benefit their key stakeholders as well as the broader Ras Al Khaimah community.
    • Partnerships (up to 50,000 AED) – grants for two or more organizations to formally invest in a new shared project or initiative that builds on previous collaboration efforts and will benefit their key stakeholders as well as the broader Ras Al Khaimah community.

      * Funding for larger, well-justified projects may be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, such requests need to be submitted and planned well in advance to align with the Foundation’s annual budgeting process.

    Grant Eligibility

    All projects or initiatives submitted for funding consideration, regardless of funding amount, must meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Seek to address a need or issue identified in the Ras Al Khaimah community;
    • Project leader has lived in Ras Al Khaimah for at least two years;
    • Project leader has been employed with the applicant organization for at least one year (relevant to Organization, Collaboration, and Partnership submissions);
    • Required project teams are comprised of diverse individuals and stakeholders that bring a range of talents and perspectives to the project;
    • Incorporate strong elements of community engagement into the proposed project or initiative;
    • No previous Community Impact Grant awards within the last two years.

    Additional criteria relevant to Organization, Collaboration, and Partnership submissions:

    • Organization
      • Project team encouraged but not required
      • Documented support from the Project Leader’s line manager or department head
    • Collaboration
      • A minimum of two organizations or community groups working together
      • Formal project team with representatives from each participating organization
      • At least one project team member has attended an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) training or can otherwise demonstrate proficiency with the ABCD concepts and approach
      • Documented in-kind support or matching funds beyond the grant to implement the proposal
      • Documented support from the directors of each participating organization
    • Partnership
      • A minimum of two organizations or community groups working together
      • Formal project team with representatives from each participating organization
      • At least one project team member has attended an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) training or can otherwise demonstrate proficiency with the ABCD concepts and approach
      • Documented matching funds beyond the grant to implement the proposal
      • Evidence that participating organizations have had successful collaborations in the past
      • Documented support from the directors of each participating organization

    Proposal Development: Strategic Impact Areas to Address

    Community Impact Grants support programs or projects that directly address community challenges. While we welcome all proposals that meet grant guidelines, priority will be given to projects that align with the Foundation’s current strategic impact areas. For each area, we have identified important issues or concerns that we believe our Community Impact Grant funding can most effectively address:

    • Educational success: Expand educational opportunities, foster creativity, and enhance academic experiences for youth in our community. Support programs that ensure long-term success after secondary school.
    • Jobs and economic development: Develop pathways for individuals to secure economic stability and opportunity.
    • Health and wellbeing: Programs that deal with prevention and early intervention services that improve the physical and mental health of individuals and families.
    • Arts and Culture: Activities and programs that broaden and deepen participation in quality artistic and cultural experiences.
    • Community Development: Community-building activities that engage individuals and communities to lead efforts that create opportunities for local problem solving.

    Proposal Development: Other Considerations

    As the community grows and changes, so do local, social, and cultural needs. The Foundation’s Community Impact Grants are designed to address these ever-changing critical issues and opportunities. Our grant priorities are based on a constant analysis of local needs, assets, and opportunities for achieving strategic results. Based on the Foundation’s past experience with grant making and community initiatives, we believe the strongest proposals will be those that meet one or more of the following criteria as part of their plan to address an identified community need:

    • Promote efficiency: Provide for more efficient use of community resources, promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations.
    • Foster innovation: Demonstrate new approaches and techniques for solving critical community issues.
    • Build organizational effectiveness: Strengthen the internal functioning of an organization, expand its services, or form effective administrative partnerships to better meet its mission.
    • Are rooted in planning: Express the proposal’s connection to the organization’s communications, strategic, programmatic or other plan.
    • Include plans for sustainability: Demonstrate how the grant-funded work will continue after the grant period concludes without repeat community impact grant funding.

    Selection Criteria

    Grant awards are competitive and based on merit. The Selection Committee will review all complete proposals received by stated deadlines to identify finalists to invite for an in-person interview. Factors considered during the selection process include alignment to the Strategic Impact Areas, need or opportunity the proposal will address, feasibility and anticipated outcomes, and community engagement.

    Once all interviews are complete the Selection Committee will make a final recommendation and choose the Community Impact Grant recipients based on available budget. The proposals chosen for funding represent the innovative ideas that align best with the Foundation’s overall mission and embody a strong Asset Based Community Development approach.

    Applicants can generally expect to receive a formal decision on the status of their proposal within four (4) weeks of the submission deadlines.

    Application Process

    To apply, please complete the online application form and upload all the required documents.

    Required Documents:

    • Completed online application form;
    • Cover letter from the project leader;
    • CV for the project leader (and, as applicable, co-leaders);
    • List of key project team members, as applicable (including their names, titles, organizational affiliations, and roles/responsibilities for the project);
    • Proposal that includes: (1) an overview of the project and its relevance, including anticipated beneficiaries, (2) background information on the need or issue the project will address, (3) proposed project activities, (4) estimated project timeline outlining key milestones and deliverables, and (5) anticipated project outcomes;
    • Itemized budget of proposed project expenditures, including assumptions made when calculating the budget and price quotations for significant infrastructure expenditures. Collaboration and Partnership applications must also document the financial and other in-kind support each participating organization will contribute to the project;
    • Recommendation letter from the project leader’s department head (or professional reference for individual applicants) addressing project leader’s capacity to successfully carry out the proposed project;
    • Letters of support from each participating organization’s director or senior leader indicating commitment to the project, as applicable; and
    • Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) training certificate (or similar evidence) to demonstrate the project team’s proficiency with ABCD concepts and approach (required for Collaboration and Partnership applications).

    Application Deadlines

    Community Impact Grant applications undergo a preliminary review upon submission to ensure they meet minimum eligibility criteria. Those that meet or exceed the criteria are compiled until the appropriate application deadline, at which point they are forwarded to the selection committee for collective review. The 2020 Community Impact Grant application deadline is October 14, 2020.

    Award Conditions

    Community Impact Grant recipients are expected to keep the Foundation appraised of any changes to the timeline, budget items, or project team members during implementation. If a grant is not used for the purposes outlined in the original proposal, the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the award and seek reimbursement for all expenses incurred.

    Community Impact Grant recipients are expected to submit a final report to the Foundation on the outcomes of their projects. In addition, they will also be asked to write at least one blog related to the project and identify an appropriate way to share their project with the Ras Al Khaimah community more broadly.


    For additional information or questions related to the Community Impact Grant initiative, please contact Mr. Saqr Al Malki on ( or by calling 056 433 9372.