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Teachers' sense-making of culture & practice through international professional development experiences

This presentation looks at how intercultural experiences, such as international teacher exchange programs, inform and influence teachers’ perspectives and practices. It focuses on the ways in which participating in an international exchange program involves teachers interacting with new cultures, policies, and practices, and how these interactions impact the visiting teachers’ professional learning in the moment and in their future teaching. This presentation is based on analysis of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s recent UAE Teacher Exchange Program trip to Vietnam, which was done in partnership with the Ministry of Education.​

Emily Anderson is an Associate Professor of Education Studies at Centenary University, transitioning to Florida International University in 2019 as a Visiting Assistant Professor of International and Intercultural Education. Dr. Anderson holds dual-title PhD in Educational Theory and Policy and Comparative and International Education from The Pennsylvania State University, and Master's degrees in both Comparative and International Education and Educational Leadership from Lehigh University.

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Start Date End Date Time
October 14, 2019October 14, 20195:00-7:00