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2018 Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival Call for submissions

Welcome to the 6th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival! Want to be part of Ras Al Khaimah’s signature annual event? Want to be featured among artists from over 50 countries? Want to walk down the red carpet with famous directors from the region? Send us your artwork to participate in the most awaited art festival of the year!

Call for submissions for 2018 will begin August 20, 2017.





General Guidelines for ALL Categories:

  • All work must be created and executed by the artist. No reproductions are allowed. While artistic judgments and innovations are appreciated, the Festival is a public event, and content must be respectful and suitable for audiences of all ages. Submissions that contain or depict violence, profanity, sexual images, or other content that would jeopardize a “general audience” rating in the UAE may be excluded from the Festival.
  • All copyright laws must be observed by artists.
  • All costs associated with the transportation of the piece are to be born by the artist submitting the work.
  • An artist can submit up to a maximum of two categories (i.e. Photography + Visual Arts, Photography + Film, or Film + Visual Arts).
  • Submit your artwork’s very best photo for review. Poor quality photos may hurt your chances of acceptance into the Festival.
  • Photos upload must be up to 5MB only. Allowed file types are jpeg, jpg, and png. PDF files are strictly not allowed.
  • If work exhibited is for sale, the Festival Committee does not negotiate/mediate sales on behalf of the artist. If there are interested buyers, artist’s contact information will be shared directly to initiate the process.
  • Previously submitted artwork to the last four Fine Arts Festivals will not be accepted.

Click on the category to access the online forms: FILM | PHOTOGRAPHY | VISUAL ARTS

Start Date End Date Time
August 20, 2017October 20, 2017